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Why should startups integrate SEO into their marketing plan?

Are you about to launch a startup but don’t have a clue how to start it properly? Do

Are you about to launch a startup but don’t have a clue how to start it properly? Do you have a solid marketing plan that involves spending thousands of dollars on advertising and press releases?


With the increase of startup launches, the competition is getting tougher and tougher. Starting a startup is not as easy as it used to be, and you need to be more creative than before to develop a marketing plan that stands out from the crowd. Using SEO as a part your marketing strategy could be an efficient way to drive targeted traffic to your site, increase your sales, and improve the profitability of your company.

However, we see many startups, with really great ideas, that raise millions of dollars in investments, but have poorly-optimised websites. Such companies could easily assign part of their budget to improve their site optimisation and implement competitive keywords, which will generate a constant stream of targeted visitors that convert well.

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What is a startup?

In my opinion, a startup is a new and unique idea that offers an innovative solution to a large part of a market. If there is a significant population that is interested in your unique product, there is a chance that a lot of people are searching for related keywords. For example, your product is a new and unique accounting software, which is destinated to change the way that businesses are managing their accounts, that will potentially put thousands of accountants to retirement. You might want to research carefully the keywords that people are searching for this type of industry. Optimizing your website for those keywords will allow you to reach a more targeted market in the long-term.

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What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation is the art of finding the buying keywords that people are looking for in a certain type of industry. Once the keywords are found, the webmaster will optimize the website in ways that Google and other search engines would consider it to be targeted. Once that is done, the webmaster would need to improve the authority and traffic, so the website increases in rank and will, eventually, hit the top spot of the search result for this particular keyword.

Search Engine Optimisation is dead! Every year, we can see articles claiming that SEO is dead. This idea is false, and people who write such things either doesn’t understand how search engines work or want to scare you to promote other solutions. Let’s put it this way: As long as there is an organic search result, there will be ways to rank a website at the top of it. The truth is that we have seen a massive evolution of Google algorithms during the past four years, and mastering SEO is getting harder. Webmasters need to change the way they are doing it and start considering it as a way to make a website healthy rather than hacking a system as we used to do when I first started in 2008.

Back in the days, SEO was a lot easier than it is now. I used to create « Sniper Sites », which was the best keywords stuffing strategy, and could launch a website that hacked its way to the top of profitable keywords every two weeks. I was the owner of multiple sites that were bringing in money on autopilot. Unfortunately, since search engines have become more accurate, those times are finished, and SEO is more time-consuming than before.


How can start up leverage to the power of Search Engine Optimisation?

The startup is a little bit more flexible in terms of SEO; they can use many keywords that are not necessarily related and, in some cases, can create keywords. However, the interesting part is that startups can become famous and consequently develop authority online faster than others.

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What to do?


Getting the keyword right

Researching for the best keyword to go for should be the first thing to do when  making your website. Indeed, with the right keywords, you could get a better idea of the pages that should be on the website and the type of keywords you should incorporate to your copywriting.


Make your site user-friendly

SEO is all about user experience. One of the most essential factors is the  bounce rate. Bounce rate is a calculation of the percentage of how long people stay on your site. The longer people stay, the lower your bounce rate would be. Trying to focus on user experience will make your visitors love to browse through your site and will increase your ranking.


Optimise for mobile use

With the constant rise of mobile devices for marketing, paying attention to adapting your website for smartphones has become critical. Also, the mobile friendly aspect is a ranking factor and will give you some juice to get your site ranked in the mobile search results.

Connect your site with social media. You want to increase your popularity. Social media can be a way for the search engine to measure if people like your site or not.

Develop a marketing strategy that gets your authority fast. While your marketing should not only focus on the search engine, you should always have thought about that. You want to make your site popular, so you get good authority links, increasing your ranking fast.


To conclude

You can think of many ways to launch a startup, but SEO should be a part of your strategy. In a long-term run, the fact that your website ranks for some targetted keywords will reduce your cost while increasing your profitability.

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