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5 unique ways to brand your business online

Do you have a unique idea that you want to promote online? Your business is brandable, but your branding strategy

Do you have a unique idea that you want to promote online? Your business is brandable, but your branding strategy doesn’t bring you the result you desire? Your online market is huge, but nobody really knows you?


Promoting your brand on a large part of your targeted market can be challenging and expensive. Many marketers who want to brand their business think of creating a big event, inviting a superstar to become a brand ambassador, and getting media to come and write about it. This branding strategy will work only if you have thousands of dollars to spend to create your event and to promote it in an efficient way. Promoting brands has a cost. However, many ways will reduce your cost and bring you good results online. I’m going to show you five online ways that can engage your targeted market, expose your brand, and make the people come to you, for your name.

Nice looking infographic

Create engaging infographic

Infographics can be an efficient way to engage your visitors and show you as an authority in your industry. People like infographics, and it can help you attract more targeted visitors and give them interesting information. It will make your brand stand out throughout a nicely designed visual information graphic.


How to proceed?

  • Find information everyone in your industry is looking for.
  • Create an infographic that gives good advice and shows your brand.
  • Promote the infographic.

display adwords

Run an Adwords Display to show your brand

Many people think that Adwords can be really expensive. It is true! If you are running a campaign through the search, you would need a consequent budget to get a result. However, displaying ads can bring you amazing results without having to spend thousands of dollars on advertising. What I do is focus on branding rather than on the click. To do so, you need an engaging sentence and a brandable name. You want to play on how people think and make them associate your brand with a particular sentence. That way, people will know that for this problem, you are the solution. You will just have to promote your brand on big websites in your industry that display Adsense.


Tips: It is always good to start with a few ads and test them to see the results.


How to proceed?

  • Find big websites in your industry.
  • Find your Brandable sentence.
  • Make a nice ad.
  • Promote your ad.
  • Test until you reach the result.

how to promote to influencer

Let influencers talk about you.

Branding is all about getting notoriety, so people are aware of your business and come to purchase your product and services because they understand you’re the solution to their problems. One of the most efficient strategies is to let people who already have influence in your industry to talk about you. There are many bloggers, Youtubers, and other influencers who speak of stuff that interests your potential clients and who might be interested in reviewing your product or services.


Reaching out those people can bring you a lot of notoriety and make the people come to you because this person says that your product is amazing. You can propose some gift in exchange for a review. Remember that the bigger the influencer is, the more likely he/she is live from this. If you have a limited budget, the best would be to tap into smaller influencers.


How to proceed?

  • Find influencers.
  • Contact them with gifts in exchange for a review.
  • Send them your gift.
  • Repeat the process.


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Build Your Brand on Social Media

Social media can really help your brand awareness. By having a large crowd engaging on your social content, you will gain trust and popularity. Creating great content is the most important part of the formula, but great content won’t get you results if nobody sees it. You need a crowd of targeted people to see your excellent content, like it, and share it. There are a lot of ways you can get your message in front of many people on Facebook and other social media websites. Many brands which want to grow on social media use creative ideas such as contests and social campaigns to make their names visible and generate targeted leads.


How to proceed?

  • Create great content
  • Develop a strategy to get a crowd
  • Analyze the results to see how to improve

re-target your audience

Re-target your visitors

Now that visitors are coming to you for your brand, you might understand (if you analyze visitor behavior) that a big part of your potential leads are leaving your site without making any purchase. Having a retargeting strategy is crucial to the success of your business online. Indeed, we say that people need to see your brand seven times before they decide to make a purchase. Although this might change depending the industry you are in, having a marketing strategy to get people to return to your offer will increase customer awareness of your brand and improve your return on investment. To create a good re-targeting strategy, you should first have a clear understanding of where your customers are online. That way, you will be able to develop a plan that will re-target people exactly where they are going after visiting your site. They will then see your brand everywhere they go, remember you, and maybe come back to make a purchase.


How to proceed?

  • Find where your visitors are going after visiting yours.
  • Develop a re-targeting plan that engages visitors where they go.



To conclude, I would say that branding your business online doesn’t have to be that expensive. Make sure to have a good strategy and test as much as you can to increase your chances of success.


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